Your Damn Neuroses – An Answer

I wished and wanted that I could be so — your future
As for me, your past remains there
What if’s seldom happen

And what human doesn’t fuck up! and what human
Doesn’t become bored? Aggravated? Morose?

Love is indomitable! We’ve felt its force

If I’ve failed to sate your thirst, then
From the beginning
Never knew we one another, and
From the beginning
A dream we indulged

Love conquers all un-requirements – and what is more, my love…

You are still Every Woman to me

Us we’ll remain, have remained, we’re closer than close enough to know
Chance? Our love has mastered all probabilities

We love more than too much – Still it’s not enough
We’ve not yet arrived to feel that most longed for

You’ve coped, my love – – the ‘what if’ happened

Still – You are Every Woman to me


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