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Book II: Pure Methodical Anarchy

Our mission: to impact your reading experience with ‘entertainment-only’, ‘adult’ subject matter, intended for readers unashamed of indulging cloaked, inward fancies; to evoke some emotional unease in those of you not afraid to allow your eyes to fall upon the risqué, the unholy, the unbelievable, the absurd; to pique and prod sundry infernal curiosities and fascinations, and allow them release into worlds of much freer reading pleasure; to introduce new and creative authors whose maligned and twisted writing styles reflect the heretofore shunned, inhibited, denied, yet innate proclivities of humankind’s dark side. The disgruntled, selective reader, who prefers to have their esthesia assailed and challenged, will have their sensibilities singed indeed. You’ve been warned.

So when darkness falls and your day is done, dim the lights and fetch this site of sordid tales: the one with irresistible reads, the one you smuggle with you everywhere–to steal glimpses at every opportunity, to feed that insatiable imp that looms in the grimy recesses of your psyche. Then, sink into your favorite plush chair, or if you’d rather, retreat into a closet and commence delighting your morbid whimsies. Lose yourself within the fantastic stories dimly illuminated before you and slowly succumb to their warm, maternal embrace.


Book I: This Event Juncture


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